Every November for the past five years the Conor Troy Consultancy has been hosting the OpEx Forum in Schwetzingen, Germany. The OpEx Forum is a leadership event focused on understanding future challenges in the process industry and how to adapt continuous improvement and operational excellence programs to meet these challenges.

The insights gathered during the past years have been highly valuable and feedback from the participants positive. Based on this resonance we are now reaching out beyond the physical participants of the OpEx Forum to a wider group of leaders and operational excellence professionals to get additional feedback on the current health of Operational Excellence initiatives across the process industry and understand better what this community recommends to “future-proof” our continuous improvement programs.

We are reaching out to you, to ask for your support as a member of the expert panel of the OpEx Index, an annual survey designed to gather input from leaders and continuous improvement experts from across the international community. Your assessments of the current market situation, the major challenges being faced, as well as your expectations for the future are here of interest. The results of this OpEx Index will provide all decision-makers in the process industry with a valuable market overview and further guidance on how we all can stay ahead in the turbulent times we are operating in!

The questionnaire should take around 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will remain completely anonymous, evaluated only on an aggregated level and used only in the context of this survey. At no time will it be possible to link the survey data with any personal data of the participants (even if you voluntarily offer your e-mail address for feedback). Please rest assured that all data protections regulations esp. the GDPR will be adhered. As a recognition for your input and the time invested, you will be given access to the exclusive OpEx-Index results report.

We thank you in advance for your participation!

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